Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need an Appointment for a Body Repair Estimate?

No, you do not need an appointment for a body repair estimate. The best times to come for an estimate are 8:00 am to 1:00 pm or 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

We do ask for your registration so that we may put your vehicle information on the computer to write the estimate.

If I Give You My Registration, Do You Turn It Into the Insurance or CarFax?

No, we cannot start a claim with insurance companies or give information to CarFax. The insurance companies and auto dealerships are responsible for information going to CarFax and claim information has to be turned in by the people involved in the incident.

How Long Before I Can Wash or Wax My Vehicle After Body Repairs?

You may hand wash your vehicle at any time. The paint has been baked in our modern paint booth. However, you should wait at least 90 days to wax or take the car through a "touch-free" car wash.

Can I Just Drop My Car Off for an Inspection?

You do need an appointment for emissions, inspections, and all other repair work performed in our service center. You also need to have current registration, current insurance documentation, and wheel lock keys (if your vehicle is equipped with wheel locks).

We cannot do the emissions or inspection without this documentation.

Can I Wait While I Am Having My Oil Changed?

Yes, we do have appointments so that you can wait. If you are within a five-mile radius of us, we can take you home and pick you up when it is completed.

I Just Received a Notice for a Recall Issue. Can You Take Care of That?

No, you must go to a dealership for recall issues.

Why Doesn't the State Give Extra Time for Inspections?

You have 3 months to have the inspection completed on your vehicle. The two months before it is due and the month it is due. The only reminder is the sticker on your windshield.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

No, all repairs must be paid in full before the vehicle leaves the lot.

For Scheduled Repairs, Can I Drop the Car Off Over the Weekend?

Yes, we do have a key drop through the office doors. There are envelopes in the night drop box on the door. Simply give us your name, the kind of vehicle, and why it is here. Put your keys in the envelope and push through the key drop in the door. Both the body shop and the service center offer after-hours key drop.

The Insurance Company is Telling Me That If I Don't Take My Vehicle to One of Their "Preferred Shop," Then the Guarantee Will Be Null and Void. Is That Correct?

No, you can choose where to have your car repaired. The insurance company tries to lead you to their preferred shops because they can have the repair completed with less cost to them. The preferred shops have accepted concessions such as using aftermarket parts and cheaper labor. The body shop is the link that guarantees the repair.
NOTE: All insurance companies can use aftermarket and used parts on all vehicles over a year old. Check your policy if you have questions.
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